Best Air Powered Squibs in the WORLD

At Squib FX we build devices that create practical gunshot and blood spray special effects without pyrotechnics.

Air Powered Squibs

This safe, air-powered squib can be reused thousands of times. Built using sturdy professional-grade materials, it is reliable, durable, and simple to maintain.

Squib FX rigs are small enough to be worn under most wardrobes without obvious detection. This rig can also be easily hidden or built into a set or large prop.


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This is the FULL KIT, which includes everything you need to get started.


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Squib Rig & Instructions Only

Safe and Simple

Easy To Use Air Devices

Fx Rig

Reliable & Reusable

Consistent Results Over & Over

Fx Full Kit

Since 2009

Made In USA

Fx Blood

Thanks for the quick turn around and the awesome rig. We used it as a back hit shot in profile. It looked great! A one and done set up. Gratitude.

Joshua Adams Monster Makeup FX

I used The Tarantino rig for Crispin Glover for a film in Prague. Crispin was extremely happy with the device. I wish I could catch the look on his face with the first headshot. He was like a kid on Christmas. Also Jim Kunz from Grindhouse was there too, he seemed to enjoy it as well. Made my job a million times easier!

Autumn Cook Face Off, Season 4

Thanks for the quick turn around and the awesome rig. We used it as a back hit shot in profile. It looked great! A one and done set up. Gratitude.

Will Purcell Special Effects Coordinator Bolden

The bullet hits rigs by Steve Tolin are an example of years of dedicated craftsmanship by a special effects master. These rigs are consistent, effective and versatile. Steve Tolin's bullet hit rigs add huge value to our on set capabilities and what we can offer our clients.

Midian Crosby Monster Makeup FX

We shoot films out of Ohio all the time and we were looking for something that would give us that spray of blood when a victim is shot, this seriously blew us away!

Scott Smith Exective Producer

Don't look no further, this is going to give you what you want. Legit took my shitty short to a whole nother level without any struggle. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Amelia Rogers Producer

This product changed the game for our performances. If you want the look that squibs play in our daily lives shooting action films, this gave us full range and saved us so much money.

Tiffany Ross PA

Squib FX rigs are the Alternative!

At Squib FX we create the world’s best air powered or pneumatic non-explosive bullet hit effects. Our safety squib devices are super safe, very easy to use, & intuitive to learn. And because they are non-explosive, they require no licenses or special permits to operate.

We also create other crazy blood delivery systems to create huge blasts of blood or sustained sprays of blood.

We are the result of nearly two decades of designing and building bullet hits, thousands of hours of research & development and rigorous testing…

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It’s dangerous, a huge liability, and really expensive

No one should be strapping explosives onto performers to create the illusion of a bullet hit. It’s dangerous and a huge liability.

We use non-explosive bullet hits instead! They use air instead of explosives so they are a safe alternative to explosive squibs!

Can be fired hundreds of times
Actors Safety & Liability
Holds way more blood than explosive squibs

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Engineered for realism and safety, our Squib FX items redefine special effects, from realistic bullet hits to explosive scenes, our products are crafted to perfection, ensuring awe-inspiring moments on screen or stage.

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