Are Squib FX rigs refillable?

Yes, you can refill and reuse the rig hundreds of times.


How many shots come from one rig?

This is in fact a trick question with two answers. 1) Each rig can fire hundreds of times in the life of the rig. 2) Most rigs will fire one shot at a time. The exception to this is The Bourne, which fires two hits independently or simultaneously (usually used as a double tap or as an entrance and exit wound combo).


How often do I need to change the batteries in my Squib FX rig?

Very infrequently. Each rig can fire well over a hundred times without changing the batteries. If you are renting the rig comes with new batteries, and you probably won’t need to change them at all. If you own the rig, you’ll want to change them every six months or so regardless of how many times you fired the rig. Also- any time that the solenoid seems noticeably quieter than when you last used the rig you should replace the batteries.


Does Squib FX ship internationally?

Yes, we have clients and customers all over the world. We usually ship USPS Global Priority internationally.


Do Squib FX rigs come with everything needed to operate?

Yes, they do!


What kind of blood do you use with these rigs?

You can use pretty much any blood formula you want. Just make sure that it is thinned down some so that it can fire easily. I much prefer corn syrup blood myself. You can watch a video on how to make it here. Or you can buy it from us here too.


Do you sell blood too?

Heck yeah! We sell corn syrup blood. Buy it here.


Can The Bourne fire only two shots at once?

No, you can use this rig to fire either two hits at once, or two shots independently. Which also means you can fire just one hit if you want.


How long does a squib last?

With proper upkeep, (regular cleaning, battery replacement, etc.), a rig has a very long lifespan. It can be fired hundreds, even thousands of times.


Are squibs easily concealable on an actor?

You can always hide our rigs with planning, and some rigs are easier to conceal than others. For example, there being more challenges concealing The Ronin, when compared to The Bond.  However with the proper wardrobe, set dressing, as well as camera angle, most if not all rigs go unnoticed.


There is enough air pressure in my squib, but when triggered, the release of air is weak.  What’s the deal?

The flow control is not open all the way. On top of the rig solenoid valve are three cylinders. The center cylinder is the flow control. Make sure it is turned all the way counter clockwise.


Are squibs waterproof?

Yes, they are built from waterproof materials. However, the batteries have metal on them and are subject to rust if resting water is present.


Is it dangerous to fill a squib with too much air?

It can be. Do not fill the air tanks with more than 90psi.


How soon after I place my order can I expect my squib to be mailed out?

Depending on the time and date the order is placed, as well as if the rig is currently in stock, orders are able to be shipped same day.  However, most rigs are made to order by hand, and appropriate time needs to be allotted.  Nevertheless we are more than willing to work with you and your schedule in order for on time delivery.


What is the most versatile squib to purchase?

The Tarantino. It is manually pumped and holds the largest amount of air, allowing for maximum adjustment. It can also be used to create environmental bullet hits.


Can custom squibs be created for specific blood effects?

Yes, we can custom build for your project. Every rig in our line was developed for a specific project and then later became a part of our regular lineup.


Can you load squibs with other material besides blood?

Absolutely!  Any lightweight material (such as foam, confetti, feathers, dirt, glitter, etc.), as well as any thin liquid (such as dyed water) is sure to successfully fire out of your rig. You can also use heavier particulates, just watch your eyes. You don’t want a chuck of material to hit someone in the eye!


Are squibs safe for children to use?

No- while they are easy enough for a child to operate, an adult should ALWAYS supervise.


Am I able to send my squib back should it need repairs?

Totally. If you messed it up it’ll cost a couple bucks and if it was a defect on our end we’ll fix it for free. We’ll even cover the shipping.


Do you sell edible blood?

We do- but you need to special order. There is no detergent in mouth safe blood, so it has a short shelf life and is made to order.


Does the blood stain?

Usually no, but sometimes yes. The more porous the material the blood is contacting and the more water there is added to the blood, the more likely it is to stain. Used right out of the bottle, our blood stains almost nothing. ALMOST. Always do a test if compatibility is a concern.

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© 2019 Tolin FX, All Rights Reserved