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The Rodriguez is your standard squib. Use this squib to create a realistic gunshot wounds, great for entrance and exit wounds.

This safe, air powered squib can be reused thousands of times. Built using sturdy professional grade materials, it is reliable, durable, and simple to maintain. This squib is small enough that it can be worn under most wardrobe without obvious detection. This rig can also be easily hidden or built into a set or large prop.

The air chamber is manually pumped using a bike pump or compressor, allowing for adjustable air pressure, operating anywhere from 25psi- 60psi typically. Adjustable air pressure allows the user to design exactly the kind of bullet hit they want.

The 24" blood tube allows for up to 60ml of blood volume, but can be adjusted as per the design of the bullet hit the user desires. The trigger is hard wired with a waterproof switch, putting the control right in the performer's hands. At 5' long, the trigger wire is also long enough to be easily fired by another operator. Powered by two 9V batteries, the squib can be fired hundreds of times before the batteries need replaced.

Overall dimensions are: 2.5" deep x 5" wide x 13" long


You can buy just the RIG ONLY, if you would rather save some money and either have or can get your own tools and blood to operate the rig. This is only the rig and tubing, and you figure the rest out from the instructions also included.

Or you can buy a FULL KIT, which includes everything you need to get started, including an elastic & pleather holster, a hand air pump with gauge, 8 oz of stageblood, a 60mL syringe, 10 velcro costume attachments, a wrist strap, and a chest strap. Instructions included with the full kit too.


How to use a Squib FX squib.

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